When first learning to ride your motorcycle, before you pass your test, you may not have wanted to invest hugely in your machine and might even have borrowed one while you learnt how to ride. But now that you’ve passed your CBT – congratulations by the way, it’s time to really put some thought into the motorcycle you want to purchase.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, surprise treats and Christmas are the perfect time to spoil a loved one. If your friend or family member has a passion for motorbikes and has been desperate to learn, why not treat them to one of our Stella Motorcycle Training Gift Certificates?

Gift Certificates make the perfect gift and we are here to tell you why…

With our big move to Hardwicke complete, we have kept our engines revving and our high-visibility vests on as we continue to help our students get on the road.

Riding a bike, whether that is a motorbike or bicycle, takes practice. Today we thought we would tell you what it takes for you to pass the practice modules for your motorcycle practical test!

It is always nice to hear of a British company doing well so I was delighted to read on the Motorcycle News website of a British company hitting record sales figures.