Winter Motorcycle training 2020

Well, the cold weather is definitely with us

and I know for many bikers that means putting the machine into hibernation for a few months. However, as long as you are sensible and take precautions, there is no reason why you cannot ride in most weather conditions.

For a start, remember to check your T-CLOCS. That is Tyres, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis and Stands. Make sure you check them all before you set off. It is also wise to make sure the drive chain is lubricated properly.

Here are some useful Dos and Don’ts from the RAC:


• Signal earlier
• Check your lights and tyre pressures
• Increase braking distance to take into account wet roads
• Wear warm, reflective kit
• Use anti-misting spray on your spectacles and visor


• Don’t assume that drivers around you have seen you
• Avoid wearing dark clothing especially in the early morning and at night
• Be careful if riding in strong winds
• Never underestimate wet leaves

The best advice is to stay alert, ride well within your limits and take it easy out there. Before you know it the sun will be ushering in the spring!