Riding a bike, whether that is a motorbike or bicycle, takes practice. Today we thought we would tell you what it takes for you to pass the practice modules for your motorcycle practical test!

The practical test is broken into two modules, the first you must complete before delving in and taking the second practical test. 

There are a range of manoeuvres you need to be able to do safely and confidently to pass the test. These include things such as cornering and an emergency stop at a set speed, executing a U-turn and more. 

Find out more about the composition of the first practical test here

The second practical test assesses your ability to ride safely on the roads. Did you know that you must use the same category and size bike that you used in module one? 

As part of the second test, you will ride in a variety of traffic and road conditions such as practicing hill starts, tragic lights, roundabout, you can find out more about what the second test consists of here

Ultimately, practice and being cautious and safe will help you to pass your practical test, find out more about learning to ride here.