When first learning to ride your motorcycle, before you pass your test, you may not have wanted to invest hugely in your machine and might even have borrowed one while you learnt how to ride. But now that you’ve passed your CBT – congratulations by the way, it’s time to really put some thought into the motorcycle you want to purchase.


You’re first port of call may be to ask friends who ride for their “advice” but the problem with that is they are all going to tell you what they love based on their experience and what they like to get out of riding. This is far more likely to leave you thoroughly confused rather than offering actual help in your quest to find your perfect first motorcycle.


Ultimately the first thing to consider is Engine Size:

Once you have passed you CBT you can ride a motorcycle up to 50cc if aged 16 to up to 125cc if aged 17+. If you’re looking to scale up, then you’ll need further training.

Both of these sized engines will give you great fuel economy, but the 50cc in particular, you’re highly likely to get a weeks’ worth of road time on just one tank.

Insurance costs are also very low with both of these options, always have a look on price comparison sites to get the best deal.

The upfront costs of these sized engines are also low, which is great for a first motorcycle.


Now the question is, Manual or Automatic?

After passing your CBT you are legally qualified to ride either a manual or an automatic motorcycle.

This decision largely depends on your previous experience in riding manual, if it’s something you’re used to then applying this to the public roads shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you’ve never used manual, even in a car, then adding this onto everything else you have to think about, it may be too stressful for you.

If you live in the inner city then an automatic can be a great option, but if you are looking to scale up to something larger in the future then it’s good to get into the habit of using manual.


Finding one to fit you.

Think about your body type, in particular your height as this will make the biggest difference to which bike you choose to go for. Be sure to look into the saddle heights, bike lengths and bike weights on the specifications.

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