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Motorcycle Theory & Hazard Perception Test

Before moving on to your practical tests you will need to take and pass your motorcycle theory and motorcycle hazard perception test.  It is possible to take your theory test before your CBT but most people take it afterwards.

You should book your theory test via the government official booking service found here:

They will help you find your nearest test centre.  The test costs £23.  You will need to show photographic evidence of your identity as well as a valid driving licence.  For this purpose the only acceptable documents are:

  • Photocard driving licence
  • Old style paper driving licence plus a current signed passport


Motorcycle Theory Test

This test lasts 57 minutes and comprises a series of 50 multiple choice questions under exam conditions.  You select your answers by simply touching an area on a computer screen.  No prior experience with computers is needed.  You will have a 15 minute period to familiarise yourself with the system and staff are on hand to help.

You need to correctly answer 43 of the 50 questions to pass this test.

The Drivers Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA) provide a sample theory test here:


Motorcycle Hazard Perception Test

The DVSA have extended the Theory Test by 15 minutes to include a Hazard Perception Test.  Hazard perception is the ability of a rider to observe and identify situations which may require an evasive course of action to be taken. 

This might simply be slowing down or changing direction.  Techniques involved include:

  • Having good anticipation
  • Planning well in advance
  • Scanning
  • Selection a safe distance of separation
  • Travelling at an appropriate speed
  • Candidates are shown 14 moving video clips

Candidates are shown 14 moving video clips from a motorcyclist’s viewpoint, each of which features a developing hazard.  The candidates are required to indicate when they notice a hazard developing which might require some action by the motorcyclist, such as slowing down or changing direction.  The sooner a response is made, the higher the score.  The pass mark is 44 out of a possible 75.

Once again a practice test is available at the DVSA website:

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