Read the kind words of just a few of our previous students.
Stella Motorcycle Training work hard with all of our students to ensure their experience is made easier and more enjoyable.


"Kevin and Sharon are fantastic and definitely live up to the recommendation given by one of their customers. Kevin is the best instructor I have ever had, calm and reassuring. We had someone who had not ridden a bike before and Kevin had him riding in 10 minutes. Book with confidence and enjoy your day. I was nervous, but Kevin made the CBT a joy rather than something to be worried about and feared. I really enjoyed my CBT I hope you enjoy yours with Stella Motorcycle training. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Joe S

"Amazing experience. Right from the word go, was made to feel welcome and relaxed. With little experience, Kev talked me through every step, gave me confidence and good advice to go forward. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

James W

"Can't recommend enough for anyone looking to do their CBT. Kev is a great teacher and I really enjoyed my training."

Emily Jane

"My 1st time doing the CBT, learning to change gear. Within 5 minutes Kev the instructor taught me! What amazing experience I had today; highly recommended 👌 Get yourself booked in for top class training!"

Eugene L

"The instructors were real down to earth and made passing my CBT fun, safe and intuitive. I am very strongly considering going back to do my a2 license."

Matthew Stephen E

"Passed my full licence with these guys and a massive thank you to Kev and the instructors. These guys got me through my CBT and my full licence. They are very professional, friendly and patient. I highly recommend Stella if you want to get your Motorbike licence."

Michael J

"I can highly recommend."

Glynn Lewis

Len Johnstone 2

"I came to Stella from another trainer who tried his best but I have a issue with taking tests an don’t like a shouty approach when learning new skills, makes me nervous. Previous trainer wouldn’t let me on a 650, saying I wasn’t ready. Kev however had me on a big bike within five minutes and it was so much easier than the 125. Kev realised that I was a nervous learner and adapted his approach, never pushing too hard and spending a lot of one on one time with me. He got me through my mod 1 in two try’s and today I passed my mod 2. I think it would have taken a very long time with anyone else and it certainly would not have been so enjoyable. Stella have a great approach and are only interested in getting you through the test as a safe and competent rider. I’m 50 years old and can say without a doubt, you are never too old to learn and Stella training is the best option in and around Gloucester and the Forest of Dean.."

Len Johnstone
Passed his MOD 2

"Thank you and Kev for your hard work over the last year, you have been a professional and well qualified and without your school, i would have not pass my test. No 1 bike training school in the Forest of Dean which I passed in July this year."

Matty Axeford
Passed his DAS

"After being off motorcycles for more than 30 years, I was disappointed to be told by DVLA that I needed to to take my full test again. However, this proved to be the best advice. Stella MT took me from CBT to full DAS and I learnt new techniques and they equipped me well to be safe on the road. Thanks to Kevin & Sharon."

Nigel Powell
Passed his DAS

"I’m delighted I have passed all parts of my motorcycle tests first time under the expert guidance of Kevin. The entire experience was excellent, with Sharon arranging training and test days that suited my hectic diary. Thanks Stella."

Matt Heaman

Paul Skelton: Passed his DAS

"Wow, what can I say? I have had the most amazing experience starting with my cbt, all the way through to passing my mod 1 and 2 with Stella motorcycle training. I have found Stella to be a very professional company with a pleasant laid back approach which went very far in settling quite a-nervous-at-first pupil lol. Kev is quite amazing at getting the very best from you, very quickly growing your confidence literally by the hour. Thank you Kev and Sharon for helping realise a life long dream of mine."

Paul Skelton
Passed his DAS

Ryan Russell: Passed his DAS

"I want to thank Stella MCT for their patience and knowledge in helping me get my full motorcycle license. I have done every part of my journey to motorcycle freedom with them from my CBT to my Direct Access course. At each stage of the process Stella have been very helpful, professional and friendly. On the parts I found more difficult Kev simplified the process and built me up core skill by core skill till the part I struggled on was a habit. One of the best parts of the training was that I was taught the reasons why we have to do something not just how to do it. Everything that Stella did had safety in mind and I left 100% through the process. On the test days I got quite nervous and Kev’s words of advice helped me focus to get the job done on my first try. Thank you all at Stella. It has been a pleasure."

Ryan Russell
Passed his DAS

David Wintour: Passed his DAS

"At the age of 49, I thought it was time to have my mid life crisis !! Had been recommended Stella by a few mates , couldn't have used a better team ! From CBT through to full bike licence, it was an easy and enjoyable experience, Sharon made all the booking so easy over the phone and Kev is such an experienced instructor and top bloke passing on his wealth of knowledge and some great stories , keeping you relaxed ready for ,what for some can be a nerve racking time. Top team, will recommend to all. Thanks so much."

David Wintour
Passed his DAS

James Carter: Passed his A2 and DAS

"Passed my A2 and DAS with Stella and was a joy to do it! Kev the instructor is a real nice sound bloke with depths of knowledge and highly recommend. He teaches you how to ride safely and correctly first, which in turn gives you great bike skill. Wicked experience."

James Carter
Passed his A2 and DAS

Gareth Leng: Passed his DAS

"Wow. What can I say? Passed Mod1&2 within a month, first time!! Kev and Sharon are incredible people! Thanks Kev, your knowledge was incredible. Without it I wouldnt have passed. Can't recommend STELLA MOTORCYCLE TRAINING enough! Don't be a fool and make sure you book with these guys!!!!"

Gareth Leng
Passed his DAS

Daniel Mason: Passed his A2

"Thank you so much for helping me pass my A2 bike test first time. Kev is a brilliant instructor, makes you feel very calm and relaxed about taking your test! I got my bike on the road the other day and it feels amazing! Thank you very much."

Daniel Mason
Passed his A5

Linda Bevan: Passed her DAS

"Rather predictably suffering a mid life crisis,I decided at age 40 to complete my motorbike test. Having had a traumatic time passing my CBT with another provider, I found my confidence knocked and gave up. 2 years ago aged 50 I decided to try again. I had contacted a few schools and had trial ride outs and eventually spoke to Sharon at Stella. I instantly got the feeling that in her there was a genuine desire to see me pass, not a desire to profit from my endeavours. So I did my CBT and got out on the road with a 125cc,then came the theory and eventually Mod 1 and Mod 2. Throughout this journey, Sharon has been supportive, friendly and encouraging, whilst demonstrating an efficiency in keeping the operation running which has made all the communication easy and resulted in clear unambiguous arrangements and payments. Kev has demonstrated a calm educational approach to the teaching which not only encourages you to ride but also explains why things work as they do. He has a wealth of life experience he delivers in an entertaining way which, no matter how rubbish you are, never makes you feel like you are wasting his time or failing ( very important to me as a nervous rider). I have eventually passed 12 years after starting and I could not be happier and have no doubt that this is as a result of the efforts of both Kev and Sharon. More importantly, I feel equipped with the skills to ride and ride well which is what it is all about. I would wholeheartedly recommend Stella to anyone looking to take their test and cannot thank them enough."

Linda Bevan
Passed her DAS

Michael Ree: Passed his DAS

"What can I say? You made the whole experience so easy and really enjoyable. From booking to meeting Kev who is very nice with a lot off good stories I would highly recommend. The proof is in the pudding. I've done my cbt with them, and mod 1 and mod 2 what I passed both with only a few advisories. Kev makes every thing easy to he is a natural. And thanks to Sharron for taking the bookings it was a great experience thanks guys."

Michael Ree
Passed his DAS

Ryan Lewis: Passed his DAS

"Awesome training with you guys, top class instruction and got me passed after 3 hours on the bike from not riding for 6 months wouldn't recommend anyone else."

Ryan Lewis
Passed his DAS

Tom Bryant: Passed his DAS

"Great place to learn to ride kevin is a amazing instructor very patient and easy to talk to. And Sharron always had everything sorted on the booking side. Great team highly recommended. Thanks guys."

Tom Bryant
Passed his DAS

Simon Jackson: Passed his DAS

"Friendly, helpful and professional - a first class service in every way!"

Simon Jackson
Passed his DAS

Alex Matthews: Passed his DAS

"Completed my DAS with Stella, trained by Kev. Very professional, calm and accurate training made learning to ride a very enjoyable experience. All round very nice and friendly people who genuinely want you to do well and ensure that it is easy to do so with a very relaxed and patient style that makes the learning far less stressful. Also, there were absolutely no surprises in the test as every aspect was very well covered! Would most certainly recommend."

Alex Matthews
Passed his DAS

"Very helpful trainers at Stella, they had confidence in me which gave me confidence in myself. All sorts of helpful tips and advice outside of what the tests called for. Genuinely friendly guys and full to the brim with knowledge and experience. 10/10 pleasant experience took me from never having ridden a bike to having a full license and enjoyed every minute of it."

George Tremlin
Passed his DAS

Kurt Danson: Passed his DAS

"Stella Motorcycle Training are brilliant!. I would recommend them to any other learner rider. Payments and info made very easy and Kevin does an amazing job with teaching. Very satisfied with my results, thank you."

Kurt Danson
Passed his DAS

Martin Tremlin: Passed his DAS Licence

"Really enjoyed training with Kev and he was really helpful with my son George, who had never ridden before his CBT...straight on a 500cc, he couldnt believe it. Would recommend the Stella Motorcycle Training to anyone."

Martin Tremlin
Passed his DAS

Jack Mills: Passed his A2 Licence

"Brilliant bunch, they are a great bunch. Did my cbt, mod 1 and mod 2 with them and would highly recommend it! Kev is a brilliant teacher who has taught majority of my friends too. Thanks!"

Jack Mills
Passed his A2 Licence

Daniel Haigh: Passed his DAS

"THANK YOU FOLKS! Had a brilliant time on the DAS course with Stella MCT and would recommend to anyone, beginner or not. Easy going and friendly but plenty of knowledge and experience, from CBT to a full A licence its been an absolute pleasure, Kev, Mike and Sharon."

Daniel Haigh
Passed his DAS

Charley Barrett: Passed his DAS

"I couldn't recommend Stella enough. Friendly and comfortable learning environment with highly experienced instructors."

Charley Barrett
Passed his DAS

Jordan Wayman: Passed his A2 Licence

"Really enjoyed riding with Stella, brilliant and knowlegeable motorcycle training body, would not go with anyone else!"

Jordan Wayman
Passed his A2 Licence

Daniel Parsley: Passed his DAS

"So happy! Thanks for everything! :) take care Dan"

Daniel Parsley
Passed his DAS

Steve Vaughan: Passed his DAS

"Passed my motorcycle test today with Stella MCt. from CBT, Mod1 and Mod2. I had some great training and made friends for life thank Steve"

Steve Vaughan
Passed his DAS

Joshua Matthews: Passed his DAS

"Thanks alot for all the help from everyone at Stella. Passing my test has been a goal of mine for a while and I am glad to have done it, earning a sense of freedom to get out on the road and enjoy the views"

Joshua Matthews
Passed his DAS

Tudor Sinderby: Passed his A2 Licence

"Kev is a great guy he makes you feel right at home. He's a no nonsense guy and make the training easy to understand because of it. Thank you once again"

Tudor Sinderby
Passed his A2 Licence

Patrick Bagley: Passed his DAS

"A fantastic experience from CBT right through to passing MOD 2. Friendly and professional at all times"

Patrick Bagley
Passed his DAS


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